“One Hundred Thousand Dollar Scholarship Fund for KWA Members”

A hundred thousand dollar scholarship fund for KWA members wishing to be qualified for State and National administration roles has today been announced.

The fund has been made possible by a personal donation by KWA National President Walt Missingham.

Walt has commented:

“Recently, as many will be aware, I was the recipient of a sizable payout of damages, stemming from a defamation action, awarded to me by the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
It not my wish to profit from the poor judgment of those less fortunate than myself although the poetic justice of the money of our detractors funding the growth of our organisation does not escape me. I have therefore decided to allocate these funds to what will be known as the ‘Walt Missingham Scholarship Fund’. The fund will be used to pay the cost of any KWA admin person or officer bearer who undertakes our specialised ‘Governance and Administrative Staff training program’ with Synergy Central, details of which have already been made public.

Such training and qualifications can be expensive and it is hardly appropriate that we place additional burdens on our volunteers so it gives me great pleasure to make this small but meaningful contribution.

We have many great and talented young people coming up through the ranks so this initiative can only enhance our already great future potential as Australia’s peak body for Chinese martial arts.”

Details of the operation of the Scholarship Fund will be made available to members in the new year.