2014 Oceania Wushu Duan Wei Grading Course and Exam

Kung Fu Wushu Australia and Chinese Wushu Association has  formally signed an agreement to recognise KWA as the offical administrator of  the Chinese Duanwei Grading system for Australia. The agreement is a major  development for wushu in Australia as it enables KWA to formally grade and  recognise the level of skill and achievement of practitioners and instructors  in Australia. The Duanwei grading system is recognised by wushu associations  worldwide.

The first grading course and examination will be held  on:

December 6-7 (two days)
Glen Eira College, Caulfield,  Victoria, Australia

Registration deadline is November 23,  2014.

For more information and how to register, please click on the pdf  below:

Training Course Of The Chinese Wushu Duan System For Oceania Practitioners_Regulations.pdf