Earlier this year an inaccurate and defamatory statement, about KWA President Walt Missingham, was published on website controlled by Wellington martial arts instructor Ron Goninan.

Following legal intervention Mr. Goninan has removed the statement from the website and issued the following ‘Public Apology’:

“A recent Article appeared on this website apparently dated 16th April, 2016, and entitled “Oh before I forget”. The article contained statements which were defamatory of Mr Walter Missingham, and were both inaccurate and false. I unreservedly apologise for any mis-statement, hurt or distress caused to Mr Missingham by these false statements.”

Walt Missingham’s costs in this matter have been paid by Mr. Goninan.

It is noted that Mr. Goninan has subsequently announced his decision to withdraw from Social media and close down all of his current Facebook pages.


UPDATE – Victorian Weapon Exemption Cards

Dear KWV Members,

There has been a bit more to the processing and administration of issuing the Victorian Weapon Exemption Cards than planned.

Please note, that if your application and appropriate fees have been sent, your Weapon Exemption Card will be issued no later than mid-October 2016. We thank you all for your patience and understanding in this matter.