Victorian State Championships Results

What a fantastic event had by all. Those who attended the event came from far and wide across the state. The level of attendance and competitors was up from the 2016 Victorian Championships, which goes to show that Kungfu, Wushu and Sanda are growing at a remarkable pace in Victoria.

This year we saw several athletes competing in dual and group events. Also, a number of new comers and Australian National team members competing, gaining experience and preparing for future National and international events.  

Not to be out done by Kung Fu and wushu, the Sanda competition was intense.  Athletes boys and girls as young as 8 years old, were sparring giving their all.  

People across the hall were shouting, giving their support to the competitors.  The lively stadium and cheering made the event.

Final Results can be viewed here: 2018 Championship Results 

Photos from the Championship can be seen below (may take a moment to load):

Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball workshop – Saturday 31st March – Sydney

Tai Chi Ball training is an ancient skill for developing more complete and deeper understanding of Tai Chi Chuan and suitable for all levels of skill and experience.

Wang Yunkuo is a Doctor in TCM and the generational lineage holder of the Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan style and Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

This workshop will explore a number of training exercises for the foundations of Tai Chi Ball and introduce you to the more advanced Tai Chi Ball and Weapon Form Applications.

When: Saturday 31st March – 10am-1pm

Where: Kung Fu Republic Academy

Address: 180 Parramatta Road, Stanmore NSW 2048

Phone: 0434 092 318

Cost: $80

Book by emailing:


KWNSW Member authors new book

KWNSW member Wang Yunkuo has recently authored a new book on training the Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball Form.
It is a unique book on a highly specialised part of Tai Chi Training it is professionally produced and well researched as a bonus it comes with a DVD on the same subject. Orders can be made by email:

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