Melbourne Hosts the 2018 Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Championships

Kung Fu Wushu Victoria hosted the 2018 Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Championships on Sunday, 21 October. Over 150 competitors from all over Australia as well as from New Zealand came to compete, in categories for kung fu, contemporary wushu, sanda full-contact fighting, tai chi and duel and group routines.

The action-packed day began with an exciting dragon dance that got the attention of everyone – spectators, judges and officials, and athletes, young and old. The dragon marched the officials onto the arenas and then it was time to perform. Athletes from as far as New Zealand, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia joined forces with their Victorian hosts to provide a spectacle of colour, action and excitement.

Mr Glen Keith, Senior Vice President of the Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Federation and Cr Sean O’Reilly of the local Dandenong City Council kicked off the competition with some welcoming speeches.

A contingent from the Melbourne promoters of Wu Lin Feng, the international sanda fighting circuit that showcases sanda all over the world was also on hand, to support the sanda fighters on the day, as well as to give out some free tickets to their upcoming Melbourne contest in November to some of the winning sanda competitors at the Championships.

Wu Lin Feng is the most watched martial arts TV channel in China, and sponsors sanda competitions worldwide.

Mr Bingchen Ye, Secretary General of Kung Fu Wushu South Australia, also set up a signature wall, whereby athletes, officials, spectators and other supporters were encouraged to sign a petition in support for getting Kung Fu/Wushu into the Olympics.

The 2018 Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Championships was a long and full day of martial arts action and competition. See some of the highlights of the event in the gallery below.

World Wushu Kung Fu Day

Saturday, 11 August 2018 is the date of the first World Wushu Kung Fu Day.

It’s a day to commemorate all those who participate in the benefits of training Chinese martial arts throughout the world, whether you be just an average, everyday practitioner at your local tai chi school, or an up-and-coming sanda fighter at the nearby kung fu school, or an amateur or professional athlete who’s representing your country in the many wushu, kung fu and sanda events running all over the world.

World Wushu Kung Fu Day will be celebrated annually, on the first Saturday on or after the 8th of August to celebrate the advantages and benefits of Chinese martial arts training. It promotes better health, fitness and general well-being; it builds confidence and self-esteem; it’s exciting and it’s fun… and it makes you feel good!

Join in with your local club, or find one of our state member schools, to get in on World Wushu Kung Fu Day activities and training – guarantee you won’t regret it!

2018 Victorian Kung Fu Championships are on

The 2018 Victorian Kung Fu Championships will be held on Sunday, 1 July at Springers Leisure Centre, 400 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough.

Competitors from both KWV and non-KWV member schools are welcome to participate. There will be events for wushu and kung fu taolu, tai chi and sanda (both controlled and full-contact). And for the first time in the Victorian championships, we’ll be having a push hands competition for tai chi enthusiasts. 

All details and forms on the rules and regulations can be downloaded here: 2018 Vic State.

Registration is to be done online only, at: and must be completed no later than Friday, 1 June 2018. Fees for competitors can be found on the forms above; spectators are $10 per person, which can be bought on the day at the door.

Look forward to seeing you there!